Creators and Creations: Authors and their masterpieces reviewed – Outraga by Xarc

When I created this website, it was also with the idea to, every once in a while, to do a car and track review. With the reasoning of not just to bring attention to creations within the Re-Volt community, but also a face to the creators. With that being said; Welcome to the first official car/author review of American Motors Bio!

I’d first like to begin by telling how this review will go. I’ll start off by introducting the author, letting you get to know him/her a tiny bit. Afterwards I’ll introduce their creation, and then review it. The actual review will be given in several catergories for a total of 45 points. Categories include: Originality (10 points), Paint originality/quality (10 points), Repaintability (5 points), Handling (10 points), and finally we’ll see how well it sticks to the original Re-Volt theme (10 points).

With all that being said, let’s hop to it! [*skip-toodle-le-do my darlin’*]

I had a bit of difficulty choosing a car for review, as there are SO MANY cars released into the community every year, there’s thousands of choices! But this time, let’s meet Xarc, the creator of Outraga!


Xarc is a 19 year old, living in Italy. In about 2005 he was pulled into the Re-Volt scene while he was at a friend’s house. When asked what interested him most about Re-Volt, his answer was “I got immediately attracted by the track editor”. Seeing how he is a creative type, as, he likes to draw, and create create content for games in general, it’s understandable how a track editor could grab you. One problem came of this (in my opinion); at some point he had created HUNDREDS of tracks. (*Chock one up to hyper-focus*)

After a few years Xarc learned that he could create his own cars, making “horrible repaints”. “But,” he states, “I was very happy with my bad creations”. It was only recently that he learned to make his own custom cars. The first of which was “Shadow MK II”(see below).  (Which by the way looks way better than my 3rd mesh! Lancia Delta HF – see also below) Despite the ability to create his own content, his favorite car in all of Re-Voltdom (DLC or Stock) is JG-7 of the Dreamcast cars. The reasons he gave were that, he liked the color, the name style, and ” the body shape, more than Adeon”. (I hope you know Xarc, If you’re reading this, Adeon and JG-7 are the exact same shape:D).


To go along with Xarc’s creativity, he likes to do a bit of programming. For me, this is really something, as I cannot program AT ALL!. This guy actually created his own gamemode server on GTA San Andreas! He had maintained the server for almost 4 years when everything came to a screetching halt…

In 2017 Xarc was hospitilized for nearly 2 months. For 2 years he dealt with extreme fatigue which constantly became worse. Sleeping or eating didn’t help. He was also hit with low body temperatures, and then one day he began to swell. Something was afoot, and his family and friends noticed for sure at this point. In his words, “Basically, I was about to lose both my kidneys. The reason was an asyntomatic disease called ‘systemic lupus erythematosus’.” Also stating that, “It was a nightmare! I couldn’t even drink too much water!” However, he says ”
I got very, very, very lucky because, I did not lose any of them. Probably a miracle.” “After all of this,” he says, “I completely changed as a person. Nobody could believe it was me.”

We are very lucky to have Xarc and his creations for the community. The story could have been very different!

Speaking of his creations, let’s talk a bit about it.

Outraga was inspired fully by Kyosho’s R/C Outrage, however, the parameters are totally original. The total time for the creation was about a half a day from start to finish. (Pretty dang quick.)

During creation, Xarc had a slight problem with the wheel collisions, which was easily fixed (or was it?) by creating 4 separate wheel models rather than 2. One thing that he learned is: adding shading to the car (bmp) makes a car look more interesting.

My Review:

This car was indeed inspired by a real life RC, due to this inspiration on an already existing design, in the category of “Originality”, it scores a 6.

Because this car was based on a real life RC, it fits VERY well into the array of original Re-Volt cars. In this category it definitely scores a 10. (Great Job!)

In game the paint of the car seems a little lack-luster and plain, however holds to the Re-Volt theme quite a bit. Bitmap quality, on the other hand, is pretty high quality. And, as far as the mapping goes, it is very well done. In the category of paint originality/quality, it gets the score of 4 out of 5 for quality and a 2 out of 5 for originality (as it is a direct, but well-done copy of Kyosho’s Outrage. No custom paint was included). And in the category of repaintability it gets an 8 out of 10 points, as the car is mapped fairly largely and organized, however could have been optimized in some areas.


(50% of actual size)

Lastly, in the handling section, personally, to my utter surprise, I really liked the car! The steering isn’t really twitchy at all, however, the car is a bit too understeery at high speeds. Overall the car is very pleasant to drive and promotes a bit of braking in the corners. To me, this teaches a slight bit of real driving, rather you’re braking, or just letting off the gas a bit. In the Handling section this car scores a 7 out of a possible 10 points.

In Short
Originality: 6 of 10
Re-Volt Theme: 10 of 10
Paint Quality/Originality: 6 of 10
Repaintability: 8 of 10
Handling: 7 of 10

All in all this car scores a 37 out of a possible 45 points! Very well done if I might say.

To leave you with some final words, Xarc wanted to tell everyone to make your car boxes with a size format of 85×85, and also to stop making 3D rims. (Uh-Oh!) BUT, luckily he was just joking, because I’d be pretty bummed if I had to stop making 3D rims.

Finally, when asked if there was a race between a coconut and an orange, which one would win? Aaaaand, he gave an answer that didn’t help me at all, which lead to the rewording of this question for the NEXT interview. (We MUST know who wins!)

If you made it to the end of this review, thanks! I hope you enjoyed reading it.

***Outraga by Xarc will be available for a limited time here on American Motors Bio. Just click on the picture of the car at the top of this article! I hope you all enjoy Xarc’s creation as much as I do!***

Don’t let the car drive you! You drive the car!

Signing off,
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